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“There is reason to assume that Bukele, like other presidents before him, made an unofficial pact with the gangs in the country and that this is the reason for the decline in violence,” Sabine Kurtenbach, of the Hamburg-based GIGA Institute for Latin American Studies, toldDW . In September 2020, the renowned news websiteEl Faro angular translate instant not working revealed, after extensive research, that Bukele’s government had indeed reached an agreement with the country’s two most powerful criminal gangs. It reported that the deal included benefits for jailed gang members and other promises in exchange for a reduction in the murder rate ahead of the 2021 parliamentary elections.

Graphic Novels and Comics as World Literature is a highly compelling read for all scholars who want to expand beyond a Euro-American-Japanese-centric approach in comic research and learn about comics’ crucial contribution to world literature. The comprehensive essays in this volume point out the diversity of international comic production, circulation, and reception and stress the multiplicity of comics’ structural codes. They outline the need for comic research to push for a decentered approach–by envisioning universality alongside unique perspectives. In doing so, this volume convincingly discusses world literature as a processual concept rather than affirming a normative canon. I consider this volume a key addition to the disputed field of world literature; by addressing the comic medium, it presents an urgently needed debordering in thinking about the world.

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According to Rahul, he has always been a people’s person and regularly involves in cultural events, charitable aid projects, blood donation drive, and many more social activities. Also, a perusal of herbarium consultation in local and international herbaria has revealed interesting new information about the species distribution. A new record from Huancavelica province allows us to broaden the current knowledge for the distribution of the species, thought to be limited to Andean high-altitude plateaus located to the North of Lima, the Capital city (provinces of Ancash, Huánuco, and Pasco). The self-motivated and ceaseless activities of over two dozen clubs and societies constitute a very important part of College life and offer a large variety of avenues for self expression.

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Ramping up production is expensive, and investors are demanding profitability, so supply has lagged while drivers pay dearly. Basic economic theory teaches that charging what the market can bear will prompt companies to produce more, constraining prices and ensuring that more people have access to the good that’s in short supply. Say you make empanadas, and enough people want to buy them that you can charge $5 each even though they cost only $3 to produce. That might allow you to invest in another oven so you can make more empanadas — perhaps so many that you can lower the price to $4 and sell enough that your net income still goes up.

He received his doctoral degree in Philosophy from Emory University in 2009. His research interests include history of modern philosophy , hermeneutics and phenomenology, and ethics. Currently he is working on a set of essays relating to two fairly diverse projects. The first of these projects consists in an attempt to offer a historically informed reconstruction of Kant’s theory of self-consciousness. Part of this work also involves engaging debates around the notion of the self in phenomenology and the philosophy of mind.

It called out to entrepreneurs, designers, researchers and innovators from all over the world to propose creative and scalable ideas that can cultivate digital literacy and provide affordable access to the full diversity of the open internet. Mozilla offered awards totalling USD 250,000 in funding and expert mentorship to bring these solutions to the market. He further added, “We will continue to improve our technology solution to make it more efficient.

Günter Maihold, a Latin America expert at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, toldDW that he suspected the gangs had reneged on the agreement, which had led to the recent escalation in violence. “The gangs are now challenging the president directly by attacking the population to spread insecurity and chaos,” he said. In this election, Rahul won against more than 30 candidates, and overall more than 300 people contested in the election. When asked about what will be the change for people and especially for the Indian community, Rahul adds that his core focus will be on solving common problems related to the city community. His keen interest in the IT industry led him to establish his own company in Kelsterbach. Rahul believes in giving back to the community and in the same spirit he regularly indulges in presenting a seminar on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Wiesbaden and is an official member of the Chamber of Commerce’s Examination Committee.

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The δ18O record of the tufa site comprises probably 357 years of annually deposited carbonate about 4,000 years before present, which indicates the prevalence of wetter climatic conditions in comparison to the present-day situation. This inference is confirmed by palynological data and lake-level reconstructions from a number of sites in the northern foreland of the Qilian Mountains, highlighting the large potential of longer tufa sequences for high-resolution palaeoclimate studies in the future. The Cambridge Politico – Intellectual history workshop on Twentieth Century India scheduled between the 17th and 19th of June 2021 is the first attempt of the Indian Political History collective to foster collaboration between historians of twentieth century. Through this workshop we hope to promote dialogue between scholars working on the long twentieth century in South Asia, leading to prioritization of noncanonical traditions, vernacular sources and translations, and intellectual alterities. Mozilla, the non-profit organization behind the open source browser Firefox, launched the ‘Equal Rating Innovation Challenge’ in October 2016 as part of its endeavour to help catalyze new thinking and innovation for providing open internet access to communities living without it.

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His second project is concerned with exploring the possibility of articulating a hermeneutics from the perspective of the discursively marginalized. Within this larger ambit, he is at present looking at questions emerging at the interface of philosophical hermeneutics and social ontology in conversation with the work of Husserl, Heidegger and Gadamer. Dr Kumar has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in the history of philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, hermeneutics and phenomenology, and Kant. Gram Marg, which roughly translates as “roadmap” in Hindi, seeks to bring 640,000 villages in rural India online. WeMakeScholars is a Not-just-for-Profit organization and India’s largest education finance marketplace assisting students with scholarships and education loans to study abroad and study in India. The world is moving toward building a global society which comprises of people from diverse culture and nationalities.

IIT Bombay’s Project for Affordable Rural Broadband Wins Mozilla’s ‘Equal Rating Innovation Challenge’

Building upon the little extant scholarship on graphic narratives from the Global South, this collection moves beyond a narrow Western approach to this quickly expanding field. By focusing on texts from the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia, these essays expand the study of graphic narratives to a global scale. Believing in hard work and commitment toward the betterment of the country of Rahul, Freie Wahler Party entrusted him to contest election as their candidate from the Multinational City “Frankfurt Main” in 2021. The election was held on March 14th, 2021, and on March 18th, 2021 result was declared in which Rahul Kumar won with 160,000 votes in his favour which is a huge margin of fifty thousand over the next best candidate. On March 18th, 2021 name of another Indian was cemented in history as Rahul Kumar Kamboj has been officially elected as a city parliament member in Frankfurt, Germany. A mid-Holocene tufa section at 3,815 m altitude in the Qilian Mountains at the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau was tested as a possibly important new climate archive.

  • Bharat Ramamurti, deputy director of the National Economic Council, said the White House’s argument that market concentration may fuel inflation only added urgency to its antitrust agenda, from the Federal Trade Commission to the Department of Agriculture.
  • As of now, we have processed 3000+ applications of which 70%+ students got sanctioned.
  • His research interests include history of modern philosophy , hermeneutics and phenomenology, and ethics.
  • We favour histories of glocal entanglements, beyond the logic of global capital, through intellectual and political transactions which have been both uneven and seamless throughout human history.
  • Would highly recommend to any prospective student especially looking to take loans from Govt.

As a consequence, less-wealthy people may simply have no access to empanadas. Michael Faulkender, a finance professor at the University of Maryland, says that’s just how capitalism works. A pandemic, a trade war, a land war, huge government spending and a global economy that has become vastly more integrated might be too complex for traditional macroeconomic theory to explain. Josh Bivens, research director at the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute, thinks that’s a good reason to revisit what the discipline thought it had figured out. The Freie University of Berlin is a non-profit public university located in the suburban areas of the large city of Berlin as one of the most excellent research university.

The rise of right-wing populism and return of ‘imagined’ political pasts has necessitated academic engagement with public and popular histories. As we write and think through public histories, we hope to challenge the ‘canonical’ in intellectual history and political thought of ‘Modern’ South Asia by focusing on the everyday ‘political’. We favour histories of glocal entanglements, beyond the logic of global capital, through intellectual and political transactions which have been both uneven and seamless throughout human history. Therefore, even as the collective focuses on building decolonial trajectories of South Asian political thought, the loci of our scholarship remains nativist, guided by multifocal inquiry. Feelings at the Margins offers a uniquely interdisciplinary take on the contemporary phenomenon of marginalization in Indonesia and its emotional impact on affected individuals and groups. This association is to offer quicker and timely education loan assistance to study at Freie Universität Berlin .

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Thousands of tattooed gang members with shaved heads were paraded wearing only their underwear and walking with their heads down. Another measure was to put members of rival gangs in the same prison cells. This was the final straw of humiliation that is thought to have led to the collapse of the deal between the government and the Maras.

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The relationship of profits, inflation and market power will be tough for economists to nail down. Moreover, it requires a melding of micro- and macroeconomic disciplines that haven’t had to synthesize so many factors simultaneously, with little historical precedent. “Reformed Empiricism and the Unempirical Rational,” Paper presented at the international conference ‘Reformed Empiricism and Its Prospects’, Department of Philosophy, Ashoka University, February 14-16, 2020. AfterEl Faro ‘s revelations, the president gave his approval to the use of deadly violence against the Maras and a series of repressive measures in the country’s prisons.

The academic curriculum covers both modern and contemporary facets of East Asia as each scholar specializes in an area of his/her interest in the region. The central objective is to impart an interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of history, foreign policy, government and politics, society and culture and political economy of the respective areas. Students can explore new and emerging themes such as East Asian regionalism, the evolving East Asian Community, the rise of China, resurgence of Japan and the prospects for reunification of the Korean peninsula. Additionally, the Centre lays great emphasis on the building of language skills. The background of scholars includes mostly from the social science disciplines; History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, International Relations and language. Apaar Kumar teaches philosophy at the Humanities and Languages Division, School of Arts and Sciences, Ahmedabad University.

This university found in 1948 and now sits in the rank 2nd in Germany and 138th in the world. Christian Ambrosius from the Institute for Latin American Studies at Berlin’s Freie University, who is currently in El Salvador, toldDW that the “Maras” were particularly brutal. A rich journey, this book invites us to an intimate reading of comics as world literature from a Global South perspective. Playful yet aware of what is at stake literarily and politically, web traderoom it transgresses geographical as well as disciplinary borders and opens our eyes to the stories of those who, more often than not, are denied border crossing. Thoroughly researched, well written, and passionate, it will appeal to literary scholars and comic book fans alike. Graphic narratives are one of the world’s great art forms, but graphic novels and comics from Europe and the United States dominate scholarly conversations about them.

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